This blog has been written to inform and inspire people. Giving an insight into my life as I take my own journey through it. My main theme is Autism, and how Autism affects me as someone who deals with it daily.

I believe that my story can inspire others to share their life experiences and come to terms with some of the difficulties they will go through. The difficulties are there to challenge us and to help us understand the world clearly. I believe that everyone deserves a chance in life and hope that people make the most of their lives.

The opinions I share on here represent only myself. My peers, employer, university, and family have no direct affiliation with this blog and anything I do say should only be held against me. I aim to avoid outlandish controversy, however, may offend some people in the process of producing blogs. This isn’t through specific attacks directed at certain people, these are my perspectives and opinions regarding certain parts of life.

I don’t look to offend anyone and hope that you haven’t been deeply offended but deeply touched by what I have written. I try to be fair in my posts and attempt to clarify why I believe something, or why my opinion is what it is.

Thank you for visiting.

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